Duo Ebano plays music by Brahms and Schumann? Certainly.
Duo Ebano plays newly written music? Absolutely.
Duo Ebano plays multiple instruments? Definitely. 
Duo Ebano works with electronics? Gladly.
Duo Ebano’s repertoire reaches outside the classical music domain? Very often.

Duo Ebano has many faces, and it cannot be confined into a rigid category. Marco Danesi and Paolo Gorini founded Duo Ebano in 2016. Their opposite personalities create a productive equilibrium that fosters imaginative, colourful, and thrilling musical results.
Classical music venues such as the New York Chamber Music Festival, Salle Cortot Paris, Muziekgebouw Amsterdam, and contemporary music festivals like Gaudeamus, November Music, and Milano Musica have welcomed the two musicians.
Duo Ebano’s first album, “Blackbird (R)evolution”, crystallizes the soul of the ensemble. With fearlessness and curiosity, Marco and Paolo combine sonic experiments with classical literature.

“Whoever gets acquainted with the Duo Ebano for the first time, thanks to this CD, will undoubtedly be impressed by the technically and interpretively rich arsenal that these two gentlemen have at their disposal. These are top musicians [...].”
Aart van der Wal (music journalist) - OpusKlassiek