Marco Danesi and Paolo Gorini are great friends, they genuinely love everything about music: making it, listening to it, as well as talking and thinking about it. They are very at ease in the field of chamber music, and they are actively curious about the contemporary music landscape. This common ground is the milestone of Duo Ebano and the reason for its continuous growth and development. 

Duo Ebano is not and ordinary clarinet and piano duo: new music, electronics, adventurous programs, blending genres define their identity. The concept of their Dutch Classical Talent Tour is the proof of their willingness to surprise and intrigue the audience with new sound combinations, extended set up and less-known music. 

Published in January 2020, their album Blackbird (r)evolution embraces a wide range of music. With fearlessness, hazard and curiosity, the two musicians display new music and standard repertoire, daring experiments and cornerstones of the clarinet and piano literature. Composers who wrote for Duo Ebano includes, besides Paolo himself, Luca Petracca, Bec Plexus, Rodney Sharman, Gerardo Gozzi and Boris Bezemer. 
More collaboration will rise from the project "Nieuwe noten", a 'Call for scores' organised by Gracthen Festival, Gaudeamus Muziekweek and November Music.